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Oct 8, 2012 6:00am PDT
oil prices are below $90 a barrel. that's great news for everybody unless you're in california. t it's the refinery shutdown. 4.65 is what californians are paying right now. that's a huge concern. governor brown says he's going to be releasing some of these restriks so they can start mixing in the winter blend. hopefully that will bring relief quickly. that's the good news and by the way, did you see notre dame, miami? >> no, i don't know what you're talking about. i've lost connection. i cannot hear you. i've lost connection. >> see you later. >>> up next, food fight over the obama administration's move to help tomato growers in swing states catch up with mexican competitors. imagine what the gas prices in california would be if california were a swing state. back in 30 seconds. >>> a food fight, literally, is brewing between the u.s. and mexico. we're talking about tomatoes and maybe sour grapes as well. the it's subject of our deep dive today. last week, the obama administration announced it favored canceling a 16-year-old $3.5 billion tomato trade deal with mexico. the deal encou
Oct 24, 2012 6:00am PDT
. the president. he begins a frenetic 48-hour tour which will take in to iowa, colorado, california for jay leno, back to nevada, by the way that's today. while in los angeles, of course, the president will sit down with the tonight show jay leno. katy perry will make an appearance for the president. friday the president sits down with sway calloway for an mtv special where he will take questions from young voters. i know i'm not young anymore because i don't know who sway calloway is with mtv. my apologies on that. romney schad tows president in iowa. nevada today. stumping in south cedar rapids while the president hits davenport and reno ahead of the president's las vegas appearance. romney got his own celebrity backup last night. michigan's own kid rock performed before a crowd of roughly 12,000 in one of the great concert venues out west outside of denver. red rock where romney claimed new momentum. >> did you get a chance to watch the debates? they have supercharged our campaign. i have to tell you that. >> both campaigns insist they are winning. in fact, beneathler even concede they are do
Oct 15, 2012 6:00am PDT
by the nrcc with ties to eric cantor. over in california, democrats are getting a second chance to help candidate ami bara. there is a three to one margin to tie lundgren to wall street and big oil. >> these are lungren's supporters. after all, he's one of them. >> the middle class gets nothing with dan lungren but wall street has him right here. >> and trying to hang on as one of the last surviving southern democrats, district cut out to make him one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the country. they have put $2 million into this race to point out that even if he's a blue dog, he's still a democrat. >> our state isn't doing well. our country's not doing well. >> mike mcintire votes a different way than what reflects what we want. >> when he gets to d.c., he's towing the democratic party line. >> those are nationwide races in terms of outside spending groups. they have spent just a shade under $20 million so far this year. with me is capitol hill correspondent lu correspondent luke russert. what is interesting is you have a different part of the political world trying to make a stat
Oct 18, 2012 6:00am PDT
and california. but again, it appears he was a lone actor. >> jonathan dienst, our colleague at wnbc on the scene for us. >>> coming up, that dreaded deadlock. what happens in the cales of an electoral college tie? folks, this is a real possibility this year. scarily so. >>> plus, democratic congressman chris van hollen will be here in our studio. just 19 days left for the president to convince voters that he does have a vision and deserves a second term. >>> oh -- and there's that little matter of the looming fiscal cliff. he's a budget guy. we'll talk him to about that. >>> paul ryan fumbles a visit to the cleveland browns practice. browns are kind of used to fumbles. anyway, condoleezza rice, grabbed the ball, tried to help him out. but first, a look ahead at the schedules of president obama and mitt romney today. mitt romney kind of having a down day before the dinner. the president using the excuse of new york to sneak up to new hampshire. and i bet you this could be his last new hampshire stop before november. that's just a guess. >>> you're watching "the daily rundown," only on msnbc. [ ma
Oct 29, 2012 6:00am PDT
for the president in california. however, a usc poll shows the president up 14 points, 54% to romney's 40%. we're seeing a lot of lean blue or solid blue states is romney overperforming mccain's numbers all over the place. that is why this idea, the battlegrounds are not shifting, not moving. we are seeing the movement in romney's direction in the nonbattleground states. what does that mean? well, that's why so many people believe that there is a possibility for that split between the popular vote and the battlegrounds. it's a possibility, frankly, though, it is not a probability. all right, hurricane sandy is forcing wall street to shut down today. the first time in 27 years that the new york stock exchange has been closed due to weather. cnbc's becky quick is here for "the market rundown." it's kind of surprising. did that happen because they shut down the subway and public transportation? >> you know, that was the first of many stages that went through it. wall street is down very close to zone "a," which has been a mandatory evacuation area. it is not in zone "a," but there was concern the
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
country because california is going to go to democrats and utah to republicans but where swing states are president has net advantage there. one of the interesting thing was with independent voters the president is doing better now than four years ago. >> when you look at our poll and if you ignored the head to head and didn't look at it and looked at everything else you would say the 47% remark by mitt romney left a mark, if you will. asked directly about it more positive 23% more negative 45%. asked generally if it made you more favorable the president is one to one. two to one on mitt romney. and in the ballot it did not leave a mark. is it a problem for mitt romney or not? >> i don't think that is how a campaign runner spends talking about for two weeks. african american and latino voters are very important. i want every american to vote. they are not voting for mitt romney. when you look at numbers like are you more favorable about this candidate the president and romney have parallel numbers among white voters. these huge margins are because overwhelmingly 78 to 4 african americ
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am PDT
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Oct 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
at this. california congressional candidates howard berman and sherman almost got into a brawl. they've been locked into a nasty and political race. they are both democrats. things reached a whole new level at a debate last night. look at this. >> when you get reality, see, he's either delusional or -- [cheers and applause ] >> the official records of congress. congress will prove you wrong. don't you stand up here in the west san fernando valley. you want to get into this? [cheers and applause ] >> can you imagine? those two almost got into a brawl. congressman sherman has released a statement this morning saying he regrets the incident. yes, you did see a law enforcement official actually try to break those guys up. okay, a surprise announcement out of europe. the european winner is the winner of this year's peace prize for its role in peace and reconciliation and democracy in europe. it could be a morale boost. joining mow now is becky quick with the market rundown. >> oh. >> i have to say this was odd considering every day the european union and designificants they may or may not
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)